The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm and with South Africa currently under a National lockdown, all e-hailing services (including Rideshare) are authorized to operate under restricted hours from 5am-10am and 4pm-8pm and for permitted travel purposes only.

E-hailing services:

  • rendering or receiving of essential services; or
  • obtaining essential goods; or
  • seeking medical attention; or
  • attending funeral services; or
  • receiving payment of grants.

With our essential workers working exceptionally hard to keep the country going and our drivers playing a crucial role in making this possible, here are a few tips to keep drivers safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t drive if you’re sick:

You may think this is common sense, but people are able to rationalize anything, and many drivers are under immense pressure to make every rand they can. If you are currently ill or feel even the slightest bit sick, please don’t even think about transporting passengers. You might overlook your symptoms as a small cold or think cough medication will keep you going, but if you’ve been feeling unwell in any way, the possibility of your car being contaminated with dangerous germs are HIGH. If you know you’re anything but 100% healthy, rather bite the bullet and stay home. It sucks, but the consequences of selfishness and greed aren’t worth it. Don’t drive if you’re sick and stay home until recovered.

Clean Your Car From Top To Bottom:

If you are healthy and ready to drive, clean your car from top to bottom to ensure it’s REALLY clean. Pro tip: Don’t just spray and wipe. That won’t kill the coronavirus (or any other viruses). For effective cleaning, spray your disinfectant on the surface and leave it for at least 15 minutes before wiping. To ensure both yours and your passengers’ safety, do this daily. Make sure you cover all touch surfaces, such as door handles, seatbelt buckles, headrests, window buttons, seats and seatbacks, control surfaces and dash buttons etc. The reality is, you need to spray down any surfaces that you and your passenger comes into contact with after each trip.

Open your passenger’s door:

Opening your passenger’s door for them not only makes them feel extra special while giving you the opportunity to stretch your legs, but it keeps them from touching the door – making this one less common place they can possibly pick up or spread any germs. Just remember to clean your seatbelt buckles properly after each rider (and wear your gloves).  Also, don’t hesitate to politely request that your passenger sits in the backseat of the vehicle.

Put all special treats on hold:

Many drivers would offer bottled water, small treats and the aux cable to play your own music in the car, but for now, let’s put this on hold. It’s just another way to spread the virus, and your kind gesture might make your passengers feel even more paranoid, making you look clueless about the current situation.

Lastly, be open about the coronavirus and express what you’re doing to keep your passengers safe: 

If you’re taking all these extra steps, you may as well share your efforts with your passengers to give them more peace of mind. Most passengers will appreciate this. The people that don’t necessarily take the coronavirus seriously might find this funny, but don’t let this discourage you from expressing what you’re doing to stay in business and keep everyone safe. Again, clean your vehicle once they’ve reached their destination.